Hikers Bootlamps

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Our Hiking Bootlamps are perfect for outdoor activities and provide new solutions to common problems experienced with headlamps and flashlights. 

Many hikers face depth perception issues when using a light source above the waist. These Bootlamps help stabilize your visual perception by keeping the light low to the ground.

Bootlamps place your lighting as far from your face as possible, offering more relief on your eyes (especially in green or red mode). When wearing a traditional headlamp your vision can become impaired, sometimes taking up to 45 minutes to regain proper vision.

Bootlamps help avoid these concerns while providing two light sources in operation, reducing the chances of complete light failure and leaving you in total darkness!

These Bootlamps have three separate hands-free modes to choose from:

White, Red and Green. Your eyes are less sensitive to the wavelengths of red or green light, offering less strain on your eyes over extended periods of time.

Made in the USA                                                                                              Water Resistant                                                                                          Batteries Not Included


Bulb Type

5mm LED

Bulb Detail

x6 LED (x2 each mode)

Beam Type


Max Light Output (Lumens)

50 lumens per Bootlamp

Max Beam Distance (ft)

50 meters


White, Red and Green

Average Run Time

70 hours


x3 AAA each (Not Included)


2.875"W x 2.0"L x 1.75"H

Weight With Batteries

2.7 ounces each